Sunday, August 07, 2005

Feeling a little regretful

Yesterday I had had plans to go to Fulong with Natari for the Ho-Hai-Yan Music Festival ( but, for the second time, a typhoon canceled it So, my day was freed up to do other things.

There was another big event happening yesterday, but it was in Gaoxiong. Originally I told Charlene I wouldn't go, because I had the prior plans with Natari. When I realized there was a good chance the typhoon would wipe out those plans, I began to consider the trip to Gaoxiong, a long bus ride and an expense of around $50 US (remember, I still don't have a job). I thought about it for a long time, vacillating between yes and no, weighing the pros and cons. What was the event? Oh, it was a Wu Bai & China Blue autograph session. Apparently ticket sales for the September 10 concert in Gaoxiong haven't been good, so the guys headed down there for some promotion.

My ultimate decision was not to go. I know, most of you think I'd do anything to get close to Wu Bai, right? Well, you're wrong. I love the concerts, but I'm not too keen at standing directly in front of the man and having his undivided attention. And with this horrible "Little Dutch Boy" haircut I'm currently sporting, I'm even less willing to plant myself in his line of sight! At least by the September 10 show my bangs might actually be down to my eyebrows again, or at least close to them.

Charlene got all our tickets signed by Wu Bai, Xiao Zhu, and Da Mao. Dino wasn't there, because he's still in the US. I'm sure his absence caused a lot of sadness for the fans, because he truly is well-loved here, probably the most popular of the group besides Wu Bai. I'm a tiny bit sorry that I didn't go, but at least now my fantasy Wu Bai will stay intact and not melt away because I got close enough to realize he smells like an ashtray from all the smoking he does.

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Romita said...

LOL! Does not smell like an ashtray. You're just scared. LOL!