Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, Yeah, I Do Listen to Music Other Than Wu Bai & China Blue

Taiwan produces a nice crop of musicians, and I've added a lot of music to my collection since I got here. Wu Bai & China Blue will forever remain on the highest of high pedastals, but I also enjoy the following:

Remember my first student, Zhang Guoxi? His band is Mojo, and this is his band's CD, and a right good one it is.

And before Guoxi had Mojo, he had Tolaku! Like so many bands, they broke up when the members had to do their mandatory military service.

Another Taiwan band I like very much, currently working on their new CD, is Monkey Insane. And their guitar player, Joe, will be heading off for his military duty in September or October. Bye-bye Monkey Insane.

The drummer for XL has already gone off for his duty, so that band is also in limbo at the moment. Thankfully, we do have a CD to keep us entertained.

And no, I don't just listen to rock 'n roll. Once in awhile I'll listen to Faith Yang (Yang Nai Wen), who has a marvelous voice, and I'm so hoping that I'll be able to catch her in concert one of these days

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