Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life's a bitch......and then you marry one

Let us hope these words do not prove true for our little Hiyoshi. Remember I said he and Lisa were getting married in November? Well, it seems Hiyoshi didn't tell the whole truth. They're getting married tomorrow, one day before he leaves to go back to Japan. It's the civil ceremony, to be sure, but every bit as binding as that big party they'll have in November. I can't help but feel that Lisa felt the need to get those chains on him before he was far enough away from the influence of raging hormones to actually think clearly about what he's doing.

He was still saying today that 1) he didn't know if he loved her 2) he also didn't understand why she would want to marry a man who had never said "I love you and 3) he was worried that she wouldn't be able to adapt to life in Japan

Oh boy.....

I'll be back later with a report on the Singapore trip, but that requires some time at the computer, and this was a brief newscast ;)


Romita said...

WOW! Did anyone say to him "Don't do it. It's not a wise decision" then proceeded to explain to him why it's not a wise decision? That's too bad. But, some lessons must be learned the hard way.

Looking forward to the concert report.

aetherwellen said...

Holy crap! Well, I guess they'll learn the hard way, like Romita said.

I look forward to hearing about your Singapore trip! :D

500CBFan said...

Of course I told him it wasn't wise! I spent a long, long time trying to have a logical discussion, but he just insists that they want to 試試看. How does one reason with a 31-year-old newly deflowered virgin? Wait, can men be deflowered? Well, whatever, he's just discovered sex and is not likely to give it up so easily.

Ranger Steve said...


And men aren't "deflowered"...they are "enlightened" ;P