Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Love the New School!

I'm so happy, lalala. My new teacher is great, reminds me very much of Ye Laoshi from the old school as far as her personality and teaching method. My class is small, only 7 of us, which means it's easy for all of us to have enough time to talk. I only have to write short essays three times a week, yay!

However, I do need to practice writing characters, so I can't spend too much time writing anything here right now =)


scenic said...

Sounds good, you're off to a great start!!!

I'll be off to Hong Kong tomorrow on business... been listening to the new Wubai CD these few days and woa, it's cool! The first time i heard Cherry Lover, i burst out in laughter... in the MRT... XD XD No but seriously, I want to see him perform all these songs live!

aetherwellen said...

That's fantastic, I'm so glad to hear it!