Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Three Seconds of Fame

Charlene kindly pointed out to me that I have the longest "exposure" in the latest music video from Wu Bai and China Blue, Cherry Lover. That footage was shot at the autograph session on November 5, and is my tattooed ankle, then the back of my custom-made t-shirt, then the front. No face, which is fine with me. The footage at the beginning was shot at The Partyroom during the two shows I attended in October, and I get split-seconds glimpses of me, Nat and Charlene, Xiao Niu, and others I recognize, but the picture isn't very clear. If you'd like to watch the video, here's the link:

Yesterday Dino talked me into to going to the Simple Life music festival today. It's going to be freezing cold, and I may be sorry, but I'm going. Eason Chan, a Hong Kong singer I like, is also performing. Wu Bai & China Blue are the last act, of course.

Blogger is having issues. Buttons for uploading photos have vanished. No way to format font, no way to edit HTML. Hope they fix it soon....this seems to happen frequently.


Romita said...

Great shots! Hopefully someone will add it to youtube soon.

Lorac said...

Marla, loved the video... as I'm loving the cd... xie xie. I'm Listening to it every day. Althought it is very similar to other WB&CB music, they are always diverse and ever interesting... and Wu Bai has such a nice voice too.

Think of your 3 seconds of fame as a thank you from Wu Bai! Loyalty does have it's rewards.