Monday, August 06, 2007


OK folks, you're not going to see much of me for the next three months. Last week was the first week of the new semester - I got the strictest teacher in the school. We had two tests last week - two! But ha, I got the highest score in class, high five me! However, I'm hitting the books at lot harder this time, and I'll be spending loads of time studying and writing, so I won't be playing around on the computer. If something significant comes up, I'll write about it. If my stress level gets out of hand, I'll write about it. Otherwise, it may just be a stray post here and there, sorry.

Best news is that Wu Bai & China Blue are having four more concerts this year, and I'm going to two of them. Related to that is the fact the Carol will most probably come over for the shows, too (won't you?), and that makes me very happy. I'm dying to have friends from abroad come and visit, but so far only Ranger Steve and Cheryl have taken advantage of my hospitality.

That's all for now, gotta go keep practicing writing characters (which is also making my right hand very, very, very sore, another reason I'm not typing much).

Ta for now!


Steven said...

I'm amazed that no one else has taken you up on the offer to visit! Taiwan is such an awesome place. Dinah and I finally bought tickets to visit Cebu, Philippines in January. I told her today that she really should visit Taiwan with me and she said she would, so maybe you'll get some repeat business in the future ;)

aetherwellen said...

That sucks about the strict teacher, but hopefully you'll learn a lot from him (her?).

Great news about the WB concert!

500CBFan said...

Well, Steve, I'll be looking forward to you two visiting me in the future! Dinah does need to see how great it is here.

And yes, I'm learning a lot from my teacher (her). I don't mind the strictness, it keeps me on track.