Friday, September 07, 2007

Bad Things Come in Threes

Bad Thing No. 1: A few weeks ago I tried to use my US bank ATM card to get money and it didn't work, apparently worn out. Requested new card from bank and began using 2nd account while waiting for new card. New card arrived on August 17, however to this date password has not arrived (suspect lame-o US postal service sent it to the PRC instead of the ROC). Yesterday morning sent e-mail requesting new card and new password. Yesterday afternoon attempted to withdraw money from 2nd account and received the message, "Your password is incorrect." So, now unable to access any of my US funds. Not happy. Edit: Tried the card at a different branch today, and it worked. Happy now. :) And yes, I had the right password yesterday, I've used it for years, and I'm not likely to forget it!

Bad Thing No. 2: Went for a walk last Sunday, brought along insulated water bottle. Placed said water bottle in purse, upright. After taking drink from said bottle, replaced in purse. After a few minutes felt water dripping down my right leg, discovered bottle had tipped over, cap was not on tight, cell phone completely drowned. Purchased new cell phone yesterday and waved goodbye to $166US. Although the new phone is much nicer than the old one, so maybe not quite so bad, but still not happy about having to spend the money.

Bad Thing No. 3: Was eating my cereal yesterday morning, and I bit down on a date or a raisin, sure a but hard but not like *that* hard, and experienced excruciating pain in left rear upper molar. Pain remained all day, and trying to chew anything on that side is one big owie. I fear I've cracked a tooth, not surprising since it's mostly just one large filling with a shell. Crap, more money to spend. Crap, crap, crap. Edit: This afternoon the tooth doesn't seem as bad, let's hope for the best.

Have a test today, studied until late last night. Couldn't sleep. Kept tossing and turning. Finally fell asleep, only to be shaken awake at 1:53 a.m. by very, very large earthquake that rattled the whole island. And of course could not fall back asleep very easily, until right before my alarm went off. Since I'm still in one piece (and so is my house and everything in it), this isn't really such a bad thing. Just don't worry about me, I'm fine. :) Edit: Ugh, did not do very well on the test, because I could hardly stay awake. Blew a couple simple things because of lack of brain function. No biggie, just hate not doing well, you know?

Maybe I'll have time to write more tomorrow.


aetherwellen said...

That blows, on all three counts. :(

Glad to hear you're ok. I hope you can sleep tonight and get a great mark on your test! :D

Anonymous said...

Ah. Glad to know that things are working out. I would have done some heavy drinking if I was in that situation.