Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride

I have to fly to Hong Kong on Wednesday, because that's the absolute last day I can stay in Taiwan on this trip. Unfortunately, Typhoon Fengshen has chosen that day to park itself smack dab between Taiwan and Hong Kong, so we'll have to fly right through it.

Wish me luck.

6/24 update: No longer a typhoon, Fengshen has been downgraded to a tropical storm, and not even a "severe" one at that. Looks like all will be well, maybe still a teeny bit bumpy. Yay! And besides, I have confidence in the pilots who fly EVA's planes.


Steve said...

So wait, your visa papers still haven't gotten taken care of? How often do you have to leave Taiwan?

500CBFan said...

If you come to Taiwan on just a US passport, you can stay only 30 days before having to leave. Originally, I planned to apply for the new visa on this trip, but because of the typhoon and not knowing if the office would be closed or what the weather would be like, I decided to wait until July. So, I'm going back July 28 for another visit, which I don't mind, since I didn't have much time to hang out with Cheryl this time (she was still working, but now she's on summer vacation).

Hong Kong in July = HOT! Ew.