Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 2 of the New Year

I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. last night, after being awake for only 8 hours. It was all I could handle! Getting 11 hours of sleep felt pretty good :) Tonight I'd like to hit the sack by 10:00 if the kids upstairs will allow it.

Forgot a couple of things about New Year's Eve. One of the bands we saw at Miramar consisted of four guys who were prettier than most of the girls I see. I swear, I could not believe they were guys until they started to sing. The one right in front of me was so beautiful, long hair tinted a brownish-red with the top portion tied back in a ponytail, full red lips (yes, they were all wearing makeup), sultry eyes - I think some of the guys in the audience were drooling until they realized it wasn't a woman! I tell you, it just isn't fair for men to be prettier than me, I hate it. They weren't a very good band, though, so I didn't bother to find out who they were.

Second thing is that while we were walking back to the car after XL's second performance, we stopped outside a 7-11 to wait for William to get the car and come back for us. While there, outside in front of tons of people, Lisa, Xiao Sui, and Charlene proceeded to teach Hiyoshi how to say, "I want to sleep with you." in Taiwanese. Never mind keeping your voice down, oh no. I was cracking up so bad, because he had to keep practicing it. Why did they teach him this? Because in one of XL's songs, the singer says that, and Hiyoshi didn't know what it meant, so of course the girls had to explain it to him. Later, in the car, I got Lisa recorded saying it and then Hiyoshi. Then I threatened to use those recordings as the ring tones on my phone when they call me. I'm so evil.

This morning Guoxi's mom called me and invited me for lunch, since Guoxi's grandmother is here visiting and she makes the best 涼麵 (liang mian) I've ever had. Hiyoshi and I headed over there after class and got stuffed to the max on liang mian (cold noodles with lots of garlic, sesame paste, and cucumbers), 大餅 da bing (giant fried sorta pancakes/sorta tortillas), tian jiu (甜酒) rice pudding (a special kind of rice soaked in sweet wine), soup (made with the ubiquitous corn), and some other dish that was absolutely great, but I'm not sure what it was (but it had chicken and that special rice). While we were there Guoxi called from New York, because he knew I'd be there. What a sweetie!

I'm still a little burnt out from the weekend celebrations, and I have to do homework. I also have to answer a lot of e-mail, but I'm not really sure I can manage that. 誰會給我加油?

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Ranger Steve said...

Is it a fad for the male musicians to look like women???

On a side note, I did a little Target, Has Beans and Winco shopping.....I have a duffle bag that is stuffed! It probably looks like one of those military supply bags parachute-dropped over Europe during WW2 to help our soldiers out! It's probably just as heavy ;P