Saturday, January 21, 2006

Why am I awake?

Too tired to write much.....

Steve's visit was loads of fun, but I also wore myself out with all the walking and hiking! This old gal just ain't what she used to be ;) But I was a good tour guide, and Steve left here knowing exactly why I moved to Taiwan. I hope his rave reviews will encourage more of my City friends to consider a vacation on Treasure Island.

Last night a few of us crashed a Chinese New Year party thrown by a local computer company for its employees. Why? Because Wu Bai & China Blue were performing! We have a "mole" who gets good inside info, and we boarded the bus to Linkou, without dinner or anything, to wait for two hours to see our guys. We sat way in the back when we arrived (it was outside but under a roof), and as soon as Wu Bai & China Blue hit the stage, we made our way to the front. It seemed that Wu Bai's face lit up when he saw us in the crowd of employees, and I think I saw Xiao Zhu smiling our way, too. I couldn't really see Dino and Da Mao from where I was standing, so I'm not sure they saw us. Even though it was a short set, it was worth the trip.

So, got home late, stayed up until 1:30 a.m. reading and having something to eat because I was starving. Wanted to sleep in today, but the folks upstairs are remodeling or something, and they started in banging and sawing at 9:00 a.m. I soooo hate that family.

Four days of school next week, then January 27 through February 5 is Chinese New Year vacation! It will be nice to have some time to lounge around, reading and watching the first season of Lost, which I bought myself with the eBay gift certificate Trish gave me almost a year ago when I left my job! Steve brought that with him when he came (most places just don't ship to Taiwan, which makes it tough to shop on eBay).

That's all I have to say now, sorry!


Ranger Steve said...

You mean I missed out on seeing what all the hype about Wu Bai and China Blue is by just a few days???

You know, we did so much walking and hiking around that an older injury in my left foot started acting back up this week!! But it was worth it ;)

Romita said...

Another Wu Bai gig? How many times have you seen him since your move to Taiwan?

500CBFan said...

Oh, poor Steve! You never even got to see a concert video, either. Next time :) Sorry your foot is hurting, though.

Hm, well Romita, although I passed up a few opportunities to see the guys, I did catch these:

April 2005 - went to a youth sports event in Chiayi and saw them for free
May 2005 - went to Hong Kong for Wild Day Out and had Wu Bai sing to me in English while standing right in front of me
June 2005 - went to the Li Hai concert in Taipei and also met Guoxi there, so acquired a new guitar-playing friend
September 2005 - went to the Li Hai concert in Gaoxiong