Saturday, March 04, 2006

How I Spent My First Birthday in Taiwan

An Essay by 500Fan =)

Yay, today is my birthday! Thank you to the friends who sent me online greetings and to Natari and Charlene for spending the whole afternoon with me. And to Vivi, the only person to call me with birthday wishes today. Dad sent a card, though, which was great.

I met up with Nat and Charlene at 2:30 (they had to work until then), and then we went for lunch at the beef noodle souprestaurant that was voted the 2nd best in Taipei. It was wonderful - I love beef noodle soup. When the weather is cold, I can eat beef noodle soup every day. Of course Nat and Charlene treated me, which was even better!

We make the mistake of driving to Yang Ming Shan National Park to see the spring flowers. Mistake because it was nothing but a massive traffic jam, with it taking us 45 minutes to drive a very short distance, after which we simply gave up, because it was soon going to be dark, and even if we managed to get to the flowers, we wouldn't be able to see them. We just turned around and headed back to Neihu and the Carrefour there so I could pick up some cat food, big bottles of soda, and other rather heavy things that it would have been no fun to carry from the store home. Always take advantage of your friend's car whenever possible.

Got back to my place and unloaded the car, and Charlene and I went upstairs with the groceries. When Nat showed up, she had a wonderful birthday cake with her! It was delicious, too, not like some of the desserts here in Taiwan, which only look good, but taste bad. The three of us ate more than half the cake (hey, we didn't have dinner, you know?) and sat around talking for awhile. They left about an hour ago, and my stomach is groaning from all the food I packed into it.


aetherwellen said...
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Romita said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Marla!

I feel so bad. I had it in my mind and totally forgot. I knew you moved to Taiwan after your birthday. Please forgive me. I wish you a blessed year.

Ranger Steve said...
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