Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To tired to blog

Well, I've been spending a lot of time teaching these days, and that coupled with trying to do my own studying has resulted in 1) a lack of interesting things to post and 2) no energy to post even if there should be interesting things to post.

I did go to Mojo's farewell show Sunday night at Luxy, which was, as expected, quite awesome. Guoxi was in rare form, and his guitar playing was sweeeeet. We got there early enough to get in line up toward the front, so we were able to snag good tables right up at the stage, on the left. Although we couldn't see Robert, the drummer, at all, we did get Mo the bassist doing solos in front of us frequently, and Guoxi popped over quite a bit, too. During the encore set, when Guoxi started to cry, the rest of us joined in. Very emotional evening. It was nice to see that Wu Bai sent a huge bouquet of flowers to the band. His wife sent Guoxi an SMS saying that Wu Bai had really wanted to go to the show, but they had been in Japan, and they only got back to Taipei at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, and by then the show was over.

I'm going to Hong Kong on April 16 to visit my friend, Cheryl, for the week, and I'm also hoping to meet up with some of my other friends there. It should be a fun week of food, shopping, and movie watching. Getting together with Cheryl is always fun, and I'm sure we'll find all sorts of trouble to get into. We'll probably drive her boyfriend nuts.

Oh, here's something pretty cool. I bought an old postcard on eBay because it's a photo of my mom! Back in the 1940s she was in a country band called Dusty Miller and the Colorado Wranglers. The woman who owned the postcard had discovered my photos of mom and the band online and had left a message for me, saying she had this postcard and would be selling it on eBay. I found it, bid on it, and won it. I think Mom would be tickled to death if she were still alive, knowing that her image had made it to eBay!

I skipped school today because last night I went with Guoxi, Hope, and two of their friends for a very, very late dinner. It was after 11:00 p.m. when we started to eat. We went to a place that does all kinds of shrimp, complete with legs and heads, served in metal pots, and ate our fill there. Then we drove up to Yangming Shan, to a very fancy restaurant high up on the mountainside, overlooking Taipei. The night scenery was great, but they had a minimum order per person of $300NT (around $10 US). I got a cup of coffee ($160NT, and boy is was a small cup) and some ice cream with fruit ($200NT), while the others ordered Coscto-purchased fried mozarella sticks and onion rings, along with french fries and tea. Well, that still wasn't enough, so we had to order a second plate of fries before we could leave. I didn't get to bed until 2:30 a.m., and I just couldn't get out of bed at 7:00 a.m. So, here I am, playing hooky.

Now it's lunch time, and I have to go find some food, because my cupboards are bare.

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aetherwellen said...

Hope you have a great time in HK!

Bummer WB couldn't come to the Mojo show.

That's awesome about winning the photo of your Mum! :D