Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cha Ching!

Gambling report: Berti, sweet woman that she is, gave me $100 to gamble with. First we had a fabulous buffet lunch, which gave me the opportunity to eat turkey, stuffing, and gravy, having missed that at Thanksgiving, then we headed to the slots. I had my typical bad luck until I planted myself next to Berti, and then I won $150, which I immediately cashed out. As we were leaving the place, I tried a bit more, and I won another bit of change. I left with a total of $169, which is cool, since my normal pattern is leaving minus $200!

Berti, Ms. Magic herself, won over $600 in less than two hours. It's uncanny the way she'll stop and say, "I like this machine." Plunks in a couple dollars and wins $150 or $200. Weird.

Anyway, heading to the airport this evening, home again in Taiwan Friday a.m.!

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