Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taiwan's 17th Annual Golden Melody Awards

I attended the awards ceremony yesterday, June 10, 2006, because Wu Bai had been nominated for four awards:

Best Song of the Year: Made In Taiwan
Best Taiwanese Contemporary Album: Two-Faced Man
Best Lyricist: Made In Taiwan
Best Taiwanese Male Performer: Two-Faced Man

I arrived at noon to meet up with Chun and Shun, who had arrived at 11:00 a.m. Our plan was to queue up along the red carpet to watch the stars arrive before going into the venue. Since it had been raining, Chun and Shun decided to hang out at McDonald's instead. Charlene showed up around 2:00, and by the time we walked over to the red carpet area, it was totally packed! No place up close to stand, phooey. We settled for waiting at the railing where the cars would be bringing the stars, just so Wu Bai and the band would at least be able to see us and know we were there supporting them. Since the vehicles all had blacked-out windows, we couldn't tell who was in them, so we kept trying to read the names on the clipboards the staff guys were carrying around as they checked off each arrival. We got lucky and had our guys' cars stop in front of us, and Xiao Zhu rolled his window down to say hello, as did Dino and Da Mao. I'm not sure if Wu Bai was in the same car as Xiao Zhu, since I wasn't able to see the other side, just saw Xiao Zhu sitting on the right. Check out so very cool Wu Bai on the way in:

Our seats were way up high and to the right of the stage, giving us a fairly good view. When we got in, Wang Leehom was performing, along with someone else. As the ceremony progressed, I got to see performances from Asia Jump, which turned out to be Taiwan star Vanness Wu (formerly of F4) and Korean star Kangta (formerly of HOT), doing a rather hot little dance routine. I never realized Vanness Wu had such a great bod. Kangta still looks like a girl to me, check their official site at Eason Chan, who has one of the finest voices I've heard, performed quite well, despite a news report saying he was off key (I didn't notice at all). Other performers were Jacky Cheung, dubbed the "God of Songs" in Hong Kong but who has never appealed so much to me; Se7en, a young man from Korea who is also nicely built and dances well; and Music Orz, a male/female song and dance group that was just incredible, performing a tribal-style song while decked out in feather headdresses; and MC Hotdog with Zhang something or other, who is apparently a big favorite of Wu Bai & China Blue, since they all stood up and clapped along during this performance. There were other performers as well, but I didn't know them so can't say who they were. As the cameras panned the audience, I saw Karen Mok and Gigi Leung, who had come from Hong Kong to attend. S.H.E. was there (also doing some presenting), and many other local stars. My least favorite person, Xiao S, was on stage far too much for my liking. Motherhood has not made her any less of a whore, IMO.

Wu Bai was one of the presenters, and before he'd gone up on stage for that, some crazy person had gotten ahold of his hair and done bizarre things to it. He looked rather ridiculous. Thankfully, he was back to his normal suave self when accepting his award for Best Taiwanese Male Performer. We were a bit sad that he didn't win in the other categories, but at least he got one. Every time one of his categories came up, we screamed and waved our signs, and Sharrie said she could hear us during the live TV broadcast, so I guess we done good :)

We left before the final presentations, since Wu Bai and crew were already gone. Missed seeing Wang Lee Hom get his Best Mandarin Male Singer award, oh darn. I just don't understand why he's popular.....

It was a long, long day, since I'd gotten up at 4:30 a.m., unable to sleep due to still adjusting to the time change and DZ meowing her fool head off. I got home last night after midnight, totally starved, so I ate a Pop Tart and then fell into bed. DZ again woke me up at 4:00 a.m. with her yowling, but I managed to shut her up and sleep until 7:30 a.m.

Now I have to clean house, because two weeks of DZ hair is everywhere, and I have friends coming over at 1:30 to watch some movies and chat girl-talk.

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