Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Don't expect to see much from me for awhile. Why, you ask?

Tomorrow I go pick up my health report (and boy, that wasn't an easy process, royal pain in the ass, should write a rant about it - but at least it only cost me $20US for the X-ray, HIV test, and the eye exam, try getting that in the States for that cheap), then go to Tamkang University to apply for classes starting 11/20. After that I head over to Core Pacific Living Mall to begin the long days of queuing in line for the two pub shows on Friday and Saturday nights. I'll get to come home in the evenings, but I probably won't feel like writing much and will likely just sit listening to the new CD over and over and over.

Next week I head to Hong Kong Monday evening so I can get my student visa. No, you can't get a visa while you're actually in Taiwan, that would be too easy. You have to leave the country to apply for a visa. I'll be back on Friday afternoon. Doesn't give me much time to hang out with friends there.

Then Sunday the 5th is the autograph session! Yippee skippy, looks as if I'll actually make it to this one. My original plan for going to Hong Kong was leave 11/3 and return 11/9, which would of course have caused me to miss this event.

November 10 is the placement test for the university, then 11/11 is the Airwaves concert, and I won a ticket, yeah!

November 19 there's another autograph session in Taichung, but I probably won't go since I'm going to the one on the 5th.

Took the cat in for her shots (5-in-1, rabies, feline peritonitis, de-worming) today, $1800NT ($54US). Taking her back on Monday to leave her for boarding ($1500NT = $45US) and spaying ($2000NT = $60US). Probably cheaper than the US but still more money than I really wanted to spend. Especially since I'm not making any money this week or next!

Bottom line: I'm gonna be busy. You'll see me when you see me.

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Ranger Steve said...

Ya know, you'd think that since the US is one of Taiwan's only friends and their main defense, that they'd maybe give US citizens a bit of a break when it comes to red tape. Good luck!