Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good Things, Bad Things

Good things:
1. Got a 92% on my test yesterday. Surprised the hell out of me.
2. Got my visa extension today without a hitch. Surprised the hell out of me.
3. Met with Xiao Zhu last night to discuss his son's classes. Discovered Vincent is not actually a child but is a small adult and should be treated as such for best results. Duly noted, and this Saturday will attempt to teach him to play poker and chase women instead of giving English lessons.
4. Tomorrow is a holiday.

Bad things:
1. Without Cheryl here the noise from the monsters above is all too clear. Must teach DZ to talk so said noise will be less noticeable.
2. Stupid US bank has an irrational fear that my Visa card "may have been compromised" which "may result in counterfeit cards being made and used" so they have issued a new one that, of course, has not arrived yet. And the old one "will no longer be valid as of March 2, 2007." Idiots.

Well, hey, there are more good things than bad, so no worries.


Anonymous said...

Marla, you rock!

Ranger Steve said...

Good job on the test and good deal on the visa extension!

How old is the kid your teaching? Is he just an adult midget or something? A kid's a kid....

500CBFan said...

Vincent is 14, but his dad said he's really used to conversing with adults and isn't very kid-like. But....today's class has been canceled, as so often happens in Taiwan.

Romita, Steve, thanks for the congrats :)

aetherwellen said...

Congratulations on your awesome test result and on getting your visa extension! :D