Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Death Wish

My cat apparently desires to die. You remember back on January 23 I wrote about coming home to find that she'd clawed my Li Hai concert poster? Well, what I didn't write was that the very next day she did the same thing, but this time she totally destroyed the poster, as well as tearing up corners of two other ones. I didn't get a photo of the destroyed one.

I was so pissed at her, and her butt got beat hard. I ended up completely rearranging the dining room and kitchen, moving the cabinet she'd jumped onto into the kitchen and making it impossible for her to to reach those three posters (Charlene gave me a new Li Hai concert poster to replace the destroyed one). So what does the little shit do? She jumps up onto the cabinet in its new location in the kitchen next to the fridge, up onto the fridge, and proceeds to rip my Wild Day Out poster, which is irreplaceable! Again, the butt is beaten, and this time she's tossed onto the balcony, where she stays without food for about five hours. Did that stop her? No, the next night she was back up there, again ripping the poster in the same place I'd taped it. Another beating, and no food, exiled to the balcony. But wait - this cat is so stubborn that she did it yet a third time! And each time she knows she's wrong, because as soon as I wake up, she runs and hides because she knows I'll find out.

OK, fine, I took the poster down and moved it to a wall with no access to save us both some grief, and we have a couple of days of no trouble. Until this morning.

I walked into the living room to find my Two-Faced Man remix poster with one corner detached from the wall and claw marks. That little shit! She jumped up onto the TV stand and from there up onto the shelves that go along the top, then up onto the bookcase and across to the little DVD rack and got my poster! What the fuck is she doing? Why is she on a mission to destroy every one of my posters? Then in the bedroom I find that she'd gotten to the Two-Faced Man poster over my bed, who knows when. She'd already long ago torn up the corner of the DNA Lounge poster that Carol sent me, but she's been working on it even more lately.

So, I guess DZ will no longer be allowed in my bedroom at night. She's already banished from there and my office during the day when I'm not home, because she destroys things. Her world is getting smaller and smaller, and soon she'll find that the balcony is all she has. I'm moving everything I can, but it seems almost impossible to keep things out of her reach. She jumps up onto every cabinet all the time (I find her footprints, so I know), and no matter how much I spank her - even using the toilet brush! - she keeps going back and doing the same things, knowing that she will get in trouble for it. I have never in my life seen such a stubborn cat.

Anyone want a cat?


Graciela said...

Hi! well, a few days ago i just had the pleasure to listen a few Wu bai and China blue songs and... just today a start to doing some research on the net and, you're blog shows up so, I actually want to buy some cd/dvd from them.. but i dont know wich ones would it be the best choice... so... what you recommend me??? thanks for your help and have a nice day (and sorry.. english is not my native language.. is spanish... )

500CBFan said...

Welcome Graciela! Nice to meet a new fan :) Please take a look at my main Wu Bai site: http://www.fortune-cookie-500.com/ where you can find links to all the CDs/DVDs in the lyrics section: http://www.fortune-cookie-500.com/Lyrics.html

It's hard to recommend just one. I love them all! Maybe start with the older ones and work your way forward. Each CD is distinctly different, and a couple are in Taiwanese, not Mandarin.

500CBFan said...
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500CBFan said...

I tried to post the link to our message board, but it wouldn't post all of it. If you go to the main site, you can find the link to the board at the bottom of the first page. We'd love to have you join us, and you can get opinions from other fans on which CDs they like best.

Graciela said...

ohh thanks!!! I'm thinking in buy 2 dvd's for now :) ( i'm really tired to saw them on youtube :((()

Ranger Steve said...

I told you that your cat is evil. Maybe now you'll believe me!! ;D

Peter said...

Cats like to pull thumbtacks out of walls. Maybe it the tacks that attract the cat. (Try saying that 10 times quickly.)

500CBFan said...

Graciela, I'm glad you found some DVDs to buy!

Peter, I don't use thumbtacks, but double-backed tape. She's a psycho cat who is jealous, that's all. She hasn't touched my classic kung fu movie posters, just the Wu Bai ones.