Tuesday, April 03, 2007

By Special Request

Scenic requested a picture of Little Miss Jealous, DZ, so here's one of her along with the object of her jealousy (and one of the few posters that she hasn't been able to mangle). More photos can be found at my pbase site: DZ Da Krazy Kat

She loves getting up on the back of the office chair. However, since her spaying she's getting a little fat, and one of these days when she jumps up there, she's going to go ass over teakettle along with the chair!

Disheartening news: my nextdoor neighbor may be right. Last night there was definitely at least one of the kids home and making noise until after midnight. Granted, it was much quieter than usual, but they were there. Was it all just a cruel April Fools Day joke? Could that little girl from the third floor actually be so dense that she thought I was talking about a family that has already been gone for a long time? Why must I suffer so????


Romita said...

Your baby is soooooo cute! Makes me want one!

scenic said...

DZ just stole my heart!!!

Wow, she's grown so much! I love all her photos...and she's quite an expressive one too! (That pic with her head in the shark is priceless!)

I see she's got an affinity for your Chinese textbook... :)

aetherwellen said...

I'm not usually a cat person, but DZ is cute. :)