Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bum Leg A Bit Better

Went to another hospital yesterday, saw another doctor, had another X-ray, this time of the right hip, just to be sure there was no problem there.  Nope, no problem there.  The bill this time was even more amazing, only NT$673 total, which is about US$22.  Unfortunately, if I get the MRI the doctor recommends to find out if there is internal damage that needs repair, that's gonna set me back US$330-US$395 - that's rent for one month!  I elected not to have it, for now.

I can walk without crutches, very carefully and slowly.  The doc said to see if the knee gets better on its own, just keep doing the heat therapy and no walking, plus stretching exercises to fully extend it.  I'm feeling a little more optimistic now and think I'll be OK to make the US trip.

My troubles seem so minor compared to my poor friend, Maddy, who slipped in the shower, broke her tibia, and had to have a titanium rod put in it! I can't imagine how much all this is costing her, because like me, she has no insurance, but unlike me, she's in the US and having to pay the outrageous costs there. Ya think maybe the next president can do something about that? Sure hope so.

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aetherwellen said...

I hope your leg gets better and that you won't need the MRI. I sprained my ankle when I lived in Taiwan (slipped on some wet tiles).