Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And some not so happy news :(

Despite being wild with joy at the prospect of seeing Wu Bai & China Blue's Li Hai concert coming up on June 11, I'm less than pleased at the way the tickets were handled. The normal routine for Wu Bai concerts is to queue in line for a few days to ensure a place at the front, if there is no seating, just standing. The concerts in September/October 2004 were great, because we were able to buy the most expensive tickets, which were seats right up front, so cool! This time, the most expensive seats are NOT close to the stage. And the flippin' stage is going to rotate, so no matter where we are, at times we will not be able to watch the band from the FRONT. So, although we've purchased the expensive tickets, we may still decide to change them for the cheaper ones and queue in line to be up front. Stay tuned for further developments ;)

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