Friday, April 22, 2005

BBQ, Taiwan style

But also Japanese style. Last night a friend and I went to a restaurant called Kan Pai for dinner. Kan Pai is Japanese for "gan bei" which is a toast in Chinese meaning, literally, "dry glass" or in other words, "Bottoms up!" We sat at the bar, which was the BEST place to be. The workers in this restaurant were mostly young, cute guys (bonus!). The music playing was some pretty damned good heavy metal in Chinese, Japanese, and English, and the guys sang along at the top of their lungs as they worked. Betty and I had our own little grill on which to cook the many savoury items we ordered (and I ate intestines for the first time, hot & spicy ones, not bad, just a bit chewy), and we laughed and talked while cooking our food and eating. At 8:00, one of the workers made an announcement for all the events that were being celebrated, and then everyone was challenged to drink their glasses dry in order to get a free drink. No problem :) Sadly, the beer was Miller, yuck. I highly recommend the cook-it-yourself restaurants here. Some are very inexpensive, like $9.50 for all you can eat. Not a good way to lose weight, though....

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