Thursday, April 28, 2005

Only one more week to go

Yay! Next week I'm headed off to Hong Kong on May 4 to 1) attend the Wild Day Out concert, which features Wu Bai & China Blue, and 2) spend some time visiting my good friend Terry and some of the other Hong Kong friends. I'll be missing a couple of days of school, but since I'll still be surrounded by people speaking Chinese, no worries! Yeah, yeah, I know, they speak Cantonese in Hong Kong, but some of my friends there will speak Mandarin to me.

I'm going to attempt to travel light this time, because I'm thinking I may just end up with some movies in Hong Kong ;) So the big decision is: do I bring the stuffed shark with me or not?

1 comment:

Krista said...

no don't take the shark.

I wanna go to hong kong.