Thursday, May 05, 2005

Here in Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong last night, and it's even hotter than Taiwan. Whee. Not going to write a lot at this point, but wanted to remember that two very lovely ladies assisted me in 1) finding the airport bus and 2) providing "ling qian" for me when all I had on the bus was "yi bai kuai."

Today I'm off to the embassy to apply for my next visa back into Taiwan and tonight is the concert. Won't be back online until Friday, when I return to Terry's place.

Terry's place: wow, hard to believe a single guy is living here, it's so clean. Nifty spot in Tai Po, kinda country-ish. Whoever designed it seems to think people have arms that are five feet long, because the toilet paper holder is on the wall opposite the toilet, rather than being right next to the place where one does one's business. If you forget to grab paper before seating yourself, big trouble. More on Terry's abode later, too.

Oh, Hong Kong "bi jiao gui" as far as food. That's "more expensive" for you who don't speak Chinese ;) Last night's dinner was the equivalent of $13 US, and we could have had the same in Taiwan for around $7 or $8. Damned good jiao zi and bao zi, though.

Gotta go......

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Maddy said...

Marla..........I'm jealous!! But I only have 2 1/2 weeks til I arrive in HK and getting more excited everyday. Aaron is doing 5 concerts so far and I'm hoping for one more....and then I leave again. We'll be there 9 days. Hoping for some serious time with him, but we'll see!
Love ya gal......Maddy