Monday, May 23, 2005

Past the two-month mark

Well, I've been here for two months now. Still love it, but am anticipating some grumpiness as the weather continues to warm up. Shopped for an air conditioner today, looks like it's gonna cost me between $540 and $670. Ouch. But, I believe it's a necessity.

Must express my extreme displeasure with Symantec at this time. I tried to renew my Norton Internet Security subscription the easy way, by downloading the program. Ha, right. Didn't work. Wrote to them, got back completely non-helpful advice. Wrote again, got a response "we are the customer service department, can't help you with technical issues." Fine, then, do some customer service and give me a refund for the product I can't download. I'll just buy the hard copy, sheesh.

Every day last week the weather report said it would rain horribly in the afternoons, so every day I high-tailed it home to avoid the deluge. And every day it didn't rain, so I spent many hours hanging around the house, just sure that if I set foot outside, it would pour. The reports this week also say rain, rain, rain - but I ain't fallin' for that again. I have a life to live, things to do! And hey, if it does rain, so what? I'll get wet. Hey, maybe I'll even get a couple of packages mailed......maybe.

Oh, hey, here's a picture from yesterday, when two of my Japanese classmates, Hiyoshi and Kieko, and I went to Danshui for the afternoon. We stopped at this temple, very old, very beautiful. I managed to talk them into posing for a photo :)

Not much more to say right now. Just waiting for June 11 and the Li Hai concert to see Wu Bai & China Blue again. And very happy it will be inside, with air conditioning!

Catch ya all later.


Chico said...

Hey, love the updates so much. Missing you here. Your friends L & K

Cris said...

All this talk of fruit! Here in Chico, it's HOT and we miss you. I feel closer when I read your blogs - wish I had more time to write.