Monday, May 30, 2005

It's a girl!

Please welcome the newest addition to the household, a feisty little kitten who as yet remains nameless (so we can call her Wu Ming for now). She was wailing her heart out at Charlene's home, and Charlene took her in temporarily, calling her Shi San (13) because she'd shown up on Friday the 13th. As of yesterday, she's the queen of my place ;)

So far I've considered the following names: Shan Dian (lightning), Wen Hao (question mark) - these two because she has a crook in her tail, Li Hai (uh huh, I'm bad), Hu Xu (whiskers). Considered calling her Tuxedo Two and using T2 as a nickname (I used to have a black & white kitty named Tuxedo), or Dizzy (which is DZ, the initials of the fabulous drummer, Dino Zavolta). I'm waiting to see how her personality develops before sticking her with a permanent name.
Here's hoping she doesn't destroy the house today while I'm school....


lee ying said...

she's adorable! ^^

Anonymous said...

what a cute kitty ... thanks for saving her from someone's dinner plate ... oh, sorry, wrong country!