Sunday, May 01, 2005

There's been a little change in the weather

Today was hot. Very hot. Sticky, icky hot. But, there was a decent breeze blowing, so it was bearable, although my apartment did get up to 90 degrees. My classmate, Hiyoshi, came to visit at noon, and after we spent a little time munching some cold noodles with sesame sauce (very yum) and watching some Wu Bai concerts, we headed off to Danshui to see if it was any cooler by the river/ocean. It wasn't. Hoards of people there, so we strolled along very slowly, had some very weird ice cream that melted faster than we could eat it, and watched some of the temple celebration parades. Then Hiyoshi said he wanted to go to "leng de di fang" which is a "cold place." So, I took him to Carrefour, whose motto is Tian Tian Dou Pian Yi (Everyday All Cheap)! We shopped as best we could considering the crowd, got me a new floor fan (with Winnie the Pooh on it, soooo cute), some fruit and munchies, and headed back to my place (note to self: take Hiyoshi shopping with me all the time; he carries the parcels and doesn't complain).

Well, my apartment by this time was darned toasty, and the breeze had all but vanished. After more chit chat, a bit of movie watching, and some fresh pineapple (oh, you would not believe how delicious the pineapple is here in Taiwan), Hiyoshi headed off for his two-hour trip back home to Wan Li. Me, I took a shower and left my hair sopping wet, turned on both fans, and settled down for a bit of reading.

All of a sudden, the breeze kicked up again, ahhhh, so nice. Then the breeze became a wind. Then it turned into a very large wind. I started hearing things crashing outside, blowing over. My kitchen balcony door, which is a screen door latched with a loose chain, was banging as the wind buffeted it, and I could hear other doors in the building doing the same. I'm thinking, "Hm, typhoon coming in?" and all at once, it's quiet again. Just a gentle breeze blowing in. As we say in Chinese, "Guai guai de!" (very strange)

Happy May Day everyone :)

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