Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dead beat

No, not deadbeat, I mean I'm tired. Why? Read this:
Scroll to bottom for my take on the latest Wu Bai & China Blue concert and a lovely photo of yours truly.

May I say that I've never quite had an experience like trying to use a squat toilet on a bus that's going down the freeway at about 60 miles per hour in a typhoon? If you thought trying to pee on plane when there's turbulence is bad, you should definitely try this. I mean, it's not easy to use squat toilets in a stationary stall when your knees aren't the best in the world! At least in the plane you can sit down. And it's always nice to find out someone used the last of the toilet tissue after you've completed your mission and have to hang there even longer and drip dry.

Feeling a bit sad, knowing that it will likely be a long time until the next Wu Bai & China Blue concert.

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aetherwellen said...

Love the pic of you, you're looking well and happy. :D