Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This week's highlight!

Wow, way cool - just got a phone call from Lisa Kling, who works for Butte County back in California, and it was so great to hear her voice and chat for over 20 minutes. She's the assistant to Butte County's CAO, and since I was the assistant to the City of Chico's Assistant City Manager, Lisa and I spent a lot of time talking/e-mailing each other trying to set up impossible meetings. And let me tell you, you have no idea what a challenge it is to try to get staff from two big organizations together in one room at the same time! I think that aspect of my job was one of the things I really hated. I remember one time when the City Manager asked me to set up a meeting that involved Butte County staff, City staff, City Council members, Butte County Association of Government staff, and some of our legal counsels. I looked him in the eye and informed him that I didn't think I could do it, because I'd left my Wonder Woman outfit at home that day. But you know what? Between Lisa, Karen (the City Manager's Assistant) and I (and Cheryl at BCAG, too), we managed to get the job done. Not for nothin' did Cris dub me St. Marla, the Patron Saint of Hopelessly Unscheduable Meetings!

So, Lisa's call brought back some memories and just enforced the fact that I'm quite happy I'm no longer scheduling meetings :) Thanks so much for the call, Lisa, and for not forgetting me.

On a side note, another stinky typhoon is making eyes at our island. So far the satellite photo and projected path shows the eye missing us, or at the most just clipping the northern tip. All I know is that it had better not interfere with the Wu Bai & China Blue concert I'm going to in southern Taiwan on Saturday, or someone is gonna hear about it. I have a bad feeling that it's going to be pouring all day Saturday, and of course we'll be outside waiting for the show. Rats! Oh well, after September typhoon season is over.


Romita said...

I'm glad to know that you are OK. I was becoming worried since you had not posted in a few days.

aetherwellen said...

That's so sweet of Lisa to call! :D

Ha, my old boss used to have me scheduling impossible meetings too. I'm very grateful that my current boss looks after himself.

Hope the typhoon doesn't menace the WB&CB concert!