Thursday, September 22, 2005


When I went back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, I had the same school paper with me that I had yesterday (the one the woman told me was wrong - it wasn't), and I brought receipts from the bank after stopping today to pull out some money. A different person helped me, a man, and he never questioned a thing, everything was fine. That other woman was making problems for every single person who went to her window - she kept telling everyone that they didn't have the right papers, something was wrong, etc. I think she just doesn't like to help people! Glad I didn't get her today.

So, on October 3 I can pick up my passport with my residency visa, then I go to apply for an Alien Residency Card (ARC). Today I shelled out $4400NT ($133US) and for the ARC I have to cough up another $1000NT ($30US). Well, it's cheaper than a plane ticket to Hong Kong, and if I didn't have this visa, I'd have to make a lot of trips out of the country and then back!

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