Saturday, October 15, 2005

And in other news...

How was the rest of my week? Well, not bad. Nothing greatly exciting, but the weather has taken a much-welcomed turn to the cooler side, in the high 70s and lower 80s, and that's been great. The breeze has been cool and refreshing, and even though it's overcast and sometimes rainy, it's preferable to sweltering in the sun. Autumn has truly arrived.

Hiyoshi and I went to the cheap movie theater yesterday to see Madagascar and Stealth. I totally loved Madagascar, and if you haven't seen it, you should. Silly, fun movie, really. I'm sure it's funnier in English than in the Chinese-subtitled version, but the crowd was laughing. You simply can't translate some of the jokes, though, because the audience here wouldn't understand the references and see why it was funny. I did notice the subtitles in the other movie made a reference to something that only Chinese people would understand, so at least they're trying to find something comparable to get the point across.

Speaking of the other movie, Stealth.....shades of the HAL9000! Obviously a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey wrote this one. I mean, the voice of the plane even sounded like HAL. Are there no new movies ideas out there? And gosh, I see we're getting another Zorro movie, I simply can't wait. That one's been done to death.

Had a very nice lunch with Hiyoshi and his Japanese student, Sherrie, on Thursday. Sherrie is a doll, very bright lady who is truly interested in improving her English as well as her Japanese. I'm hoping she and I will continue to become good friends and maybe even go out on the town sometime. She may be dropping by this afternoon.

And yesterday on the MRT I met a very nice woman who owns a jade and antique shop. She asked me if my Wu Bai & China Blue concert shirt (the black one with the orange square with the smiling shark in it) was a uniform, and that started a lovely conversation. Her English is excellent, and I assumed she was actually from the US, but she's never lived outside of Taiwan! Wow, I hope my Chinese gets so good that people will think I was brought up in Taiwan. Anyway, she lives only one MRT stop from me, in Hong Shulin, so we're going to get together and do language exchange. Cool.

We thought we'd be getting another typhoon, but thankfully it looks to be heading north instead of west. We're getting the cooler weather and the little bit of rain it's pushing our way, but that's fine. However, Japan might get hit with it, which is not good.

In just two weeks my great buddy, Cheryl, will be coming to visit. She made the move to Hong Kong in July to be a teacher and to be with her sweetie, Terry, and this will be the first time she's been to Taiwan. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her, chatting about the latest Korean and Indian movies, eating like pigs, showing her the sights around my beloved island. Too bad her stay is only Saturday afternoon through Thursday a.m. (flight back is Thursday 2:00), because there's so much to see and do. But, we now live so close, it will be easy to visit back and forth.

Maybe more later, 'nuff for now.

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