Friday, October 07, 2005

It's nice to be friends

In January 2001 my husband, Mark, and I split up. But, I only moved across the street from him, and we didn't get a divorce, and we stayed friends. He needed to be on my health insurance plan (accident prone, always breaking bones), so we never bothered to file for divorce. Well, once I decided to really make the move here to Taiwan, we filed the paperwork. Also, he had been dating someone for a couple of years, and it was just a little awkward to still be married, especially since she only lived a couple houses down from me and then eventually moved in with Mark. Bless her heart, she did pretty good at being friendly with me, too.

He and his new love, Nancy (a really great gal who seems to fit him much better than I did), got married last month. I'd been waiting for an e-mail telling me about the Alaska cruise they took for their honeymoon, and he hadn't answered my e-mails to him. I knew he'd returned home, but I was a little worried (see above: accident prone, etc.). So, the day before yesterday I called his shop, but he wasn't there (more worry, why wasn't he at work when he should be?). So, I left a message on the answering machine. Last night (his morning), he called me back! We had a great chat about his honeymoon (on a cruise ship with a whole bunch of old people with walkers, so funny) and the wedding (sounded very lovely, wish I could have gone) and what was happening in his life and his son's (he's now in the Navy, hard to believe he's matured that much). It was so great to hear Mark's voice after six months and laugh at his stories.

Anyway, I think it's sad that so many people who get divorced absolutely hate each other afterward and can't even have a civil conversation (hubby's first wife was that sort, what a bitch). I'm so thankful that we have remained friends and that we respect each other. Just because I can't live with another person doesn't mean I can't like (and on one level, love) him. Mark is a great guy, totally faithful and with a good heart, truly a cut above many. I'm ecstatic that he found someone who loves him back and who makes his life happy. I think I was mostly making him miserable, for sure during our last year together. But, it was my problem for the most part, not because he was a stinker or anything. Poor guy really did put up with a lot from me.

This is just a post to say I'm thrilled to have such a good friend who still cares about me and who doesn't blame me for needing to live my own life in my own way. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the CD with the wedding/honeymoon pix, too!

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aetherwellen said...

Maximum respect and congratulations to Mark! :D