Saturday, October 22, 2005

Really weird

I went to the hair salon today to get my hair highlighted, to a place that was recommended on a message board for foreigners in Taiwan. The woman who owns the salon, Diane, has studied in the US and in Sweden (and is married to a Swedish guy) and speaks excellent English. After the last fiasco with the haircut from hell, I wanted someone I felt I could trust, and she was it. She did a great job, and the salon is very attractive. Plus, she played a Wu Bai CD just for me :) So I'm pleased to be looking more blond again and not having those dark roots sticking out, and I'll be going to her when I'm ready for my cut.

The weird thing is that it cost me more for the hair color ($2,500NT) than it did for two trips to the dentist for cleaning, X-rays, and a filling ($2,200NT). The dentist is dirt cheap compared to the US, and the hair salon is about the same price - go figure!


Romita said...

Ah, the price of beauty. It makes me want to go bald some days.

Ranger Steve said...

Well, maybe looks are more important than all else there!!