Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blonde no more

For years my hair was either purple or red. I mean, years. I can't even remember when I started coloring it those colors, but if it wasn't Plum it was Black Cherry, or Dark Auburn, even Bright Copper. Then I got the wild idea to live the life of a blonde and see if they really did have more fun, so I started highlighting my hair, with just a few streaks of red. Surprisingly, I liked the look (even though my level of fun did not noticeably increase), so I kept it.

Well, I've been hesitant to try to find a hairdresser here in Taiwan who is used to working with non-Asian hair and could duplicate the great effect my stylist (Terri, I miss you!) in California could do. So today I reverted back to the old days of do-it-yourself hair color, and I am now a vivacious redhead ;) Since I went from mostly-blonde to red this time, it's really red! And dang, I forgot how friggin' stinky Revlon hair color is, phew. I guess now I'll blend in a little more, since red seems to be a favorite color with the Asian crowd, so maybe Wu Bai will have to try a little harder to spot me in the audience at the next concert.

If I can get someone to take a decent picture of me, I'll post it. However, we all know the chances of getting a decent photo of yours truly, now don't we?

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Anonymous said...

From beautiful blonde to ravishing red head. Way to go Marla!