Sunday, July 24, 2005

What the hell is that sound?

Since I finally got to see one of these things when I was at Wei Quan, I thought I'd bump this post up to the top. There were quite a few dead on the ground, so here's a photo with Betty's finger to give you an idea of the size.

Every day, from my office window or from the kitchen, I hear a noise that sounds like large sprinklers, the kind that pulse out water back and forth across a lawn. It goes on all day long, and I knew it couldn't possibly be sprinklers, because there aren't any lawns to water! There is, however, a forested hillside a short way down the street from me, but I didn't think anyone was watering that. Just couldn't figure out where that sound was coming from.....

When my friend Li Hua was here on July 2, I asked her if she knew what the sound was. Turns out it's an insect! Must be a type of cicada (, and the little buggers (well, maybe these are the big ones, I haven't seen any yet) are incredibly loud. It's not really an annoying sound, because it's easy to tune out, and I'm happy to finally discover the source!


Nicole said...

Holy crap! That is one huge cicada! I always heard them, but never saw them.

lesley said...

Saw these in Costa Rica. Sounded like a really lous electrical hum 24/7. Then I too discovered the insect who was to blame.