Thursday, July 28, 2005

OK, when do I see the results?

Felt ambitious today, and walked from school to Shilin Station, approximately 7 kilometres (4.35 miles). This time I was bright enough to buy two bottles of water before leaving Shuang Lian Station, and I stopped to rest a couple of times, so I didn't feel as if I were going to pass out from heat exhaustion. The temperature today is around 33.5C (92F), but the humidity is way down, only around 57%, so it doesn't feel as hot as it did yesterday. Plus, there's a decent breeze blowing. All in all, it was a pleasant walk, and I discovered two new parks and found out where the fine arts museum is. Check out the route on the map (it's the lime green line):

Me, tired? Why do you ask?

I just want to know when the weight will start coming off. How many hours of walking do I have to do each day, huh? What's that? I need to stop eating so much, too? WAAAAAHHHHH!

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